4 November 2011 – twimpg.net


I have added a brand new Slide Show on my trip to Ireland in 2010.

I have also improved the quality of the slide shows for: Andalusia 1999, Sarawak 2006 and Greece 2009.  These were bad Powerpoint slide shows but are now using the Photoshop Slide Show feature which will be the standard from now on.

I will continue to upgrade the slideshows one by one but I still have a lot of other recent photos to add – lot’s of work in the next few months.


1 November 2011 – pierreo.com/blog/


I have modified the top panoramic view to reflect where I am currently living.

I have also added many posts of trips and activities in the last year including Italy, Budapest and Botswana in 2011; Slovenia, Ireland and Laos in 2010


2 January, 2009 – pierreo.be


I continue to be appalled by the events in the Middle East, not knowing what possible solution can be found to the conflict.

I have started a new topic on the Pierreo Forum to discuss the event and get other’s people opinion since I believe that the media is not a good gauge of word opinion on either side.


31 December, 2008 – twimpg.net


Added a few photos to SUNSET page

Added three slide shows from my trip in South Africa

Added three slide shows from New Zealand

Added very preliminary photos from the trip in Myanmar on “Gallery”


17 August, 2008 – twimpg.net


Added slide show with Sunset Pictures

Redesigned DESTINATIONS page


16 August, 2008 – pierreo.be


Launch of the discussion forum.  This is going to be a way to discuss significant events or other subjects with friends a family throughout the world.

As opposed to the blog, which will remain about me, this will be more about the rest of the world.  Let’s see what happens …


10 August, 2008 – twimpg.com


Launched the home page for twimpg.net with significant content – at least enough that I feel comfortable sharing with the rest of the world.

Currently available are:

JAPAN         with five slide shows

BRAZIL        with two slide shows

MOROCCO  with a single slide show

Much more to come, obviously…


5 August, 2008 – pierreo.com/blog/


Changed, drastically, the theme used in my blog – this is a new look, but the content remains unchanged and all the functionality is still there.


4 August, 2008


Added the Home Page and essentially built the site that you were looking at before.

There is a lot more to come, but this is a start


July 30, 2008


Launched the Japan site in www.twimpg.net

There is no direct navigation to it yet, but you can take a look by following this link:



June 2007


Launched my blog which has a number of entries already.

This is also the only way you have to get in contact with me right now – leave a comment on the latest entry and I will be notified.


May 2007


Purchased the following site names:

www.pierreo.com     my main website

www.twimpg.net      travel information

www.pierreo.be        not sure what for yet…




Purchased the following site name after purchasing a house in France: