forum help

When you first access the forum, you will see a number of available discussion topics. At this stage, I have only created "The World" and "Suggestions", but I intend to add more in the future.
You will have to login in order to contribute to any of these discussions. However, in order to log in, you have to register first.
I need to authorise each user - generally that only takes one day. I am doing this in order to avois any abuse of the forum.

After you login, you can enter any forum by clicking on the title. This will bring you to the next level - some forums (I just cannot bring myself to say fora) may have sub-categories in the future, depending on how crowded they get.
By going down the various levels, you will eventually reach your chosen discussion topic.

To post a reply or comment to any topic, please select "post a rely" and follow the instructions.

This is all I can think of - but I will continue to add to this text as I get questions from users
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new stuff
To contact me, please reply to the "Contact Me" post on my blog
You did not think I was going to leave an e-mail address, did you?